Unique Data

FLA Pan-Indian Registration Data

  • New registration data including VIN (restricted use)
  • Re-registrations: Changes of ownership
  • Car plate changes (input for vehicle park, VIO)
  • All vehicle types including  2-wheelers and trucks
  • Full 5 year+ history
  • Daily access to complete data feed/quality resorts of all > 1000 pan –Indian RTO´s
  • Data use respects strict Indian privacy & data protection rules


FLA Complementary Data Services

  • Data cleansing and interpretation
  • Detailed geography level built for automotive use
  • Navigation and Drive time data
  • Sales to Reg matching
  • Granular Geo coding
  • Tailored segmentation schemes
  • Verified Dealer Census
  • Granular socio-demographics data

Ready to use data platform for management decision support