About FastLane Automotive

Fast Lane Automotive (P) Ltd, FLA, established in the year 2012, specializes in big data.

With an experience of over 35 years in the European automotive sector, we bring vast knowledge in the field of vehicular data and follow best of the international standards to help businesses achieve desired results in the Indian market. The knowledge plus experience of our founder in combination with the innovation FLA brings through technology, we have been able to bridge the data gaps that existed in the market & hence are able to offer a range of solutions to multiple businesses including Automotive OEMs, Banks, NBFC’s, Insurance Companies and After market players. Our solutions help our clients offer seamless digitized journey to the end customer saving valuable time and reducing costs & efforts.

With a dedicated team of personal, working from our Gurugram office in the Delhi NCR region, we strive to work as partners with all our clients and help them plan business strategies leading to overall growth.

Vehicle Verification & PARC Data (VIO - Vehicles in Operation)

Fastlane Automotive has been supplying comprehensive sets of automotive data solutions for various businesses. With decades of experience on our side, we are experts at helping businesses make the right decisions.



Improve your customer experience and simplify customer journey across your digital touchpoints with our vehicle look up API solutions.

Trusted by premier national brands, our data is renowned for data accuracy and quality. Often buyers are not sure of the model variation of their vehicle. However, with our VRM solutions, they only need to input the registration number. Our VRN integration helps your customer having a better online experience which in turn leads to a boost in sales.

Together we can develop the best solutions to your problems.



Got bulk data for vehicle details check? No problem, you do not need to search for details one-by-one through API.

We at FLA can process files with multiple records at one go, saving valuable time for our customers.



PARC, originating from the French phrase “parc de véhicules”, signifies all registered vehicles within a defined geographic region.

Our PARC data reports provide comprehensive information on vehicles in operation (VIO). Companies today recognize the importance of data. Data helps them understand consumer needs which forms the basis of their production, stock and distribution strategies.

PARC Data Benefits include:

  • Understand vehicle selling patterns
  • Identify opportunities, market share and long / short term trends
  • Develop targeted marketing strategies
  • Plan inventory as per market requirements and dealer network strategies
  • Improve production efficiencies whilst meeting market demand across geographies
  • Improve network planning, aligned to market need
  • Understand consumer trends and predict future demand
Industries We Serve

Fastlane Automotive, serving the most authentic vehicle data

for the Indian market since more than a decade

Insurance Companies

FLA’s automation solutions helps the insurance companies to fasten their customer journey while buying an insurance policy


Automotive OEM's

FLA’s PARC data solutions are helping companies to get market insights and understand trends resulting in planning better market strategies


After Market OEM's

FLA’s PARC data solutions help OEM’s identify the nationwide gaps in spare parts distribution and helps in inventory management


Research & Analytic Firms

FLA is the trusted data partner for leading research & analytics companies, helping them to provide their customers with tools they need for scientific decision making

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